About Jez Allman

Inspiring business development and consulting

What and How evolved from over 25 years of business development. Jez Allman is Managing Director and Business Coach. An entrepreneur and an expert in commercial sales and marketing, Jez has been responsible for developing big brands such as Coca-Cola, Federal Express, Marston’s Brewery, Walkers and the Rugby Football Union (RFU).

Jez has had roles in sales, marketing, operations and general management. He has successfully negotiated major deals, pitched new products, developed best practice and implemented change.

Jez succeeds with high growth business development due to his intuitive people skills and his inquisitive mind, along with his sports coaching and broad business training background. This enables Jez to help businesses like yours with goal-setting and meeting key objectives, along with recognising the training and development needs of your business.

“I like to think of myself as an impartial advocate; I will listen, cajole, inspire, encourage, empower, guide and motivate you to your personal success”

The ethos of What and How is to understand the needs of your business and find the most profitable way for your business to evolve. As an empathetic and considered individual, Jez Allman has the ability to understand the pitfalls whilst recognising the true potential of your business. Jez enjoys inspiring Business Owners like you to move to the next level by finding the most effective strategy for your business development.

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My Success Stories

Luxury Rose Supplier

  • Set up a business importing the highest quality roses from farms in Kenya.
  • Provided a profitable route to market for the farm’s roses, creating a unique offer as the only website solely specialising in the highest quality roses.
  • Within Year 1, the business quickly grew to selling over 50 bouquets a day from the website at an average price of £32 with a considerable net margin.
  • In Year 2, on Mother’s Day, we sold over 3,000 bouquets with a team of 6.
  • The business relied on high-quality roses sourced in Kenya, and was sold back to the farmers that supplied the roses. It’s still operating today and now in its 7th year of trading.

Supply Chain Business

  • We took an ailing business and, first of all, we stopped trading with 30% of 75 existing customers.
  • We then reduced the product range by 34% and freed up critical line space. This enabled us to engage more with the most valuable customers and attract new, similar customers.
  • With increased performance, line efficiency and product rationalisation, we achieved growth of 47% and net profit growth of 38%.


  • Expanded the business from 2 to 6 shops.
  • Evolved the database and created a loyalty programme.
  • Grew customer sales and customer base by creating a premium brand and real differentiation in the customer offer.

Consumer Goods Business
Working with a 3 year old business supplying major retailers with a children’s range of products. Turning fortunes from almost bankrupt to successfully listed in top retailers and a recognised category partner to 2 major retailers.

What and How have also helped the following companies with their business development:

  • Architects (Retail and Sports Stadiums), recognising the perfect audience to win the right contracts and evolving relationships that matter.
  • Fine Wine company (3rd Generation).
  • Sports Supplements business.
  • Gardening and Landscape Design business.
  • Health and Wellness Businesses – physios, nutritionists, medical and a beauty salon.
  • Crowd Control leisure company.
  • Numerous Consumer Goods and Retail products.
  • Sports and Fashion apparel.
  • Accountancy firm.
  • Solicitors firm.
  • Plus, I’ve even coached coaches.

For more information on our success stories, please call 01572 839302 or email us at hello@whatandhow.co.uk