Building a successful business strategy

Are you where you want to be? Feel confident about your business strategy? Maybe you’ve already built a thriving business and you’re looking to take the next steps? Are you ready to work on the next phase of your business growth?

It’s not easy being a business owner – you work tirelessly, pouring your heart and soul into your business. Sometimes you need an expert on hand to help you take your business strategy to the next level. And that’s where What and How can help.

What and How have worked with many businesses like yours. Not only do we work with business owners, but we will work with your Directors and Senior Managers too. Together, we will fine-tune your team in terms of leadership and management skills. Because they’re all cogs of the same engine, and if your business core is not running smoothly, your business will suffer.

Every business is different and so is every business strategy

What happens next?
Working on a 6 to 9 month programme of monthly or fortnightly meetings, we will look at your business strategy and turn your business around: 

  1. Starting with the end in mind, ask yourself ‘why’: what are your goals?
  2. What are the numbers in your business?
  3. Where are you now and how does it feel?
  4. Working backwards, we will produce a 3 year plan.
  5. We will create your ‘breakthrough’ plan, work on your strategic direction, tactical implementation and SMART solutions.
  6. We will produce your 1 page Business Plan.
  7. Then, we will embed and evolve best practice for your business.

How will your business benefit?
By providing you with coaching that is bespoke to your business. Every athlete has a coach to guide, inspire and motivate them to achieve success. The same logic will be applied to your business. Plus, business mentoring is tailored to meet your individual needs.

  • Save your business both time and money through a bespoke business development programme.
  • Develop your business strategy, improve operations and maximise your resources.
  • Most importantly, learn how it’s done so that you can continue doing it.

We will build a business strategy and action plan specifically around your business and your goals. Whilst common themes run through every business, it’s important to recognise that businesses evolve at different stages and have unique needs.

What and How focus on solutions to suit Business Owners at various stages of their business’s evolution. Programmes are designed for businesses either looking for high growth or for business owners who are looking to develop their business processes or skills-base.

Together, we will deliver massive action in order to gain great results. But, we will also ensure your whole organisation is prepared to manage such growth. Business Coaching can help you as a Business Owner, your Managing Director or your Senior Executives set better goals, reach goals faster, make better decisions and improve your relationships.

“Business Coaching is about the future: discover your potential and achieve it – FAST”

We will help you expand your business by planning an achievable roadmap. What’s more, we will help you to develop a sound business strategy that enhances your existing structure. By providing you with the right business development for your company, we can create a vision built on the same passion and energy put into the successful businesses we have developed over the years.

Acting as your ‘Non Exec Director’, we will advise and guide you, giving you an independent oversight. By providing support to often-isolated business leaders, sharing knowledge and experience, we can give thought-provoking insight to steer your business into becoming a more profitable company. We will constructively challenge your executive directors and introduce new opportunities. With our help, you will achieve your short-term and long-term goals to ensure sustainable and profitable growth.

“What and How are an experienced voice, guiding companies round the common pitfalls that result in many companies failing to fulfil their potential.”

How much are you willing to invest?
Our ‘Business Success’ programmes range from £545 to £7,456 (+ VAT).

What and How are accredited under the Government Growth Voucher Scheme and your business may be eligible for £2,000 of match funding to help pay for our coaching and mentoring services. Please contact us for more information.

For more information or to book a free Business Review, please call 01572 839302 or email us at We would welcome the chance to talk to you about your plans for your business.