What and How business services include:

  1. Business Success Programmes – are you ready to grow your business? This programme will provide a full Check & Challenge service to speed you towards greater business success and includes a free review. Together, we will assess exactly where you are in the business lifecycle, check your business health and challenge any barriers to growth. We will appraise your business in terms of what’s working but also recognise what’s not working so well. We will then evolve a vision for your business, along with a high growth development strategy, resulting in a well-defined plan of action. And then it’s time to start delivering. What and How will support your business with coaching and mentoring services throughout the programme so you can focus on the job in hand. Growth Vouchers are available, where your business could receive 50% of costs refunded – please contact us for more information.
  2. Business Coaching and Mentoring – every great sportsman uses a coach to help them focus on their goals, and it’s no different in business. All successful companies use outside influences and external support to enhance their business. If you want to grow your business, coaching and mentoring is a vital investment. What and How will steer you and your Management Team towards greater profitability and sales-driven results. Growth Vouchers are available, where your business could receive 50% of costs refunded – please contact us for more information.
  3. Success Seminars – this is your chance to meet with other like-minded business owners on a regular basis, where you can evolve your ideas, test concepts and discuss business challenges.
  4. Non Exec Director Services – working inside your business on a retained basis as part of your Board, Senior Management or Leadership Team.
  5. Business Training – bespoke training to fit with your business development needs. During the Business Success Programme, What and How will identify training requirements that will benefit you and your senior managers. Considered bespoke training programmes to embolden best practice and improve performance will be introduced to improve team performance and your bottom line.
  6. Sales and Marketing Review – by conducting an audit of the commercial aspect of your business, What and How will review your sales and marketing function, and accompany individual members of the team for a day. What and How will then review your marketing strategy and your sales numbers. This will result in a tailored programme designed to dramatically improve the performance of the sales and marketing function of your business.
  7. Skype Coaching and Mentoring – these short, sharp sessions can be highly effective and very flexible to fit around the constraints of your busy working day.
  8. School of Business Growth – a 24-week course of 12 workshops teaching business growth skills and how to implement them. Suitable for smaller businesses using the ‘Growth Voucher’ scheme – call us on 01572 839302 for more details.

    • Building a vision for your future
    • How to make money
    • How to generate cashflow
    • Effective time management
    • Meeting your customer needs
    • Being brilliant at what you do – the Hedgehog Principle
    • Building a World Class team
    • Successful selling tactics

For more information please call 01572 839302 or email us at hello@whatandhow.co.uk